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Reducer oil level detection Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 24, 2020

Every time we use the reducer, we will check whether the lubricating oil has been added enough, and only after it has been added can we start using the equipment to control the speed. In fact, we can roughly know how much oil has been added through oil level detection. Is it enough? How to check the oil level?
   1. Open the oil drain plug and take an oil sample.
   2. Remove the oil level plug of the reducer and check if the oil is full.
   3. Check the viscosity index of the oil.
   4. If the oil is obviously muddy, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.
   5. Install the oil level plug of the reducer.
   6. Cut off the power to prevent electric shock, and wait for the reducer to cool down.
   We use the above methods to help us know more about whether the reducer is filled with enough oil. Through the oil level detection, remind us that we must check whether the oil is enough at any time. Add oil to the equipment at any time. The ability to improve the control speed of the device.


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