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Founded in 1992, Hangzhou Jiacheng Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province. Is a China JRHD series spiral bevel rediesctor manufacturers and JRHD series spiral bevel rediesctor factory, we are specialized in developing, producing and selling reductor. Our products include JRHD series spiral bevel rediesctor etc. Our products are widely applied in many trades such as metallurgy, stone material, wood industry, tobacco, foodstuff, leather, textile, glass, medical care, chemical industry, light industry, rubber & plastic and petroleum oil, etc. At present, our marketing networks extend all over the country and our convenient and high-efficiency sales channels offer reliable guarantee for developing market and growing sales achievement and our wholesale JRHD series spiral bevel rediesctor are exported to Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.

JRHD series spiral bevel rediesctor Features

The shape of the box is a regular hexahedron, which can adapt to the installation in different directions.

The commutator has a long service life, large carrying capacity, stable transmission, low noise, and can achieve a line speed of up to 40 m/s and a transmission efficiency of 94%-98%.

The spiral-toothed bevel gear is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy structural steel, which is heat treated by carburizing and quenching, and is ground and run to achieve high precision hard-toothed closed-type transmission.

The HD series commutator has seven specifications. The selection range is large, and the output shafts are available in various forms to meet the needs of various occasions. It can realize two transmission modes: deceleration and speed increase.