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Reducer reverse connection braking requirements Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 29, 2020

The reducer can better control the speed, and there are many functions and many advantages. When using it, we need to remember some related requirements, which are related to the effect of use, and many details need our attention. So what are its reverse braking requirements?
1. To be able to solve the problem better, it is necessary to know the load characteristics of the hardened gear reducer and the specific requirements for use.
2. The motor drive circuit controlled by the single-chip microcomputer needs to have the power reverse connection function, such as a bridge circuit composed of 4 transistors, or a forward and reverse circuit composed of a relay.
3. When braking is required, the control circuit will switch the short circuit to the reverse state of the hardened gear reducer motor. When the motor speed drops to 0, the power supply will be stopped when it is about to reverse. The motor stops. It should be noted that due to load changes, the time required for the reverse connection of the motor speed to drop to 0 is not fixed.
Therefore, we must follow the relevant reducer reverse brake requirements, so that some failures can be reduced during use, and we must strictly follow the instructions during use.


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