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Reasons for excessive noise of reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 14, 2020

The reducer often has very loud noises when it is running, but it does not vibrate, the tooth surface is worn and iodized, and there is no shortage of oil from the oil standard. If this problem is not solved for a long time, it will affect the working efficiency of the machine, and in severe cases it will even shorten its service life. If we want to completely solve this problem, we need to understand what causes the machinery to produce a lot of noise. The reducer manufacturer introduced us to the following reasons for noise.
   1. The bearing clearance is too large during the operation of the reducer, which causes the bearing to shake and generate noise.
   2. The gear is worn during operation, and the gear meshing gap is too large, causing noise.
   3. The reducer is overloaded.
   4. The internal bearings of the hardened gear reducer are worn out.
   Excessive noise can easily lead to other failures of the reducer. Therefore, when the reducer is too noisy during the working process, we should find the cause of this problem in time and take effective measures to solve it.


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