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Analysis of reducer industry Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 21, 2020

China's gear reducer and gear motor industries have a high degree of marketization. Countries and regions with high levels of reducer and reducer technology mainly include Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, and they rank world-leading in terms of product design, manufacturing, and performance. China's geared motor industry started late. In recent years, with the introduction of technology by domestic enterprises to absorb and re-innovate, small and micro geared motor products have achieved import substitution. At present, domestic enterprises have dominated the market. But in the field of precision reducers, foreign manufacturers still have absolute advantages, and domestic enterprises have less than 5% market share.
With the continuous improvement of domestic enterprises' R & D design level, finishing technology and integrated technology, high-quality reducer and reducer motor companies will gradually expand to precision reducer products and directly compete with foreign companies in the market.
At the same time, it provides professional comprehensive services such as complete maintenance for imported high-end products, replacement of used parts or complete machines, product technology upgrades, and product operation status monitoring, which will also enhance the competitiveness of domestic high-quality enterprises.


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