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Analysis of reducer heating and oil leakage technology Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 11, 2020

When you use the reducer, you may find that the reducer has heat or oil leakage. Some people may ignore this phenomenon, but here the senior engineer of Shanghai Liangyu Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds you to investigate the cause of this phenomenon in time. In order to avoid causing greater losses, the reasons for the heat or oil leakage of the reducer are analyzed below:
Reducer heat and oil leakage. In order to improve efficiency, worm gear reducers generally use non-ferrous metals as worm gears, and worms use harder steel. Because it is a sliding friction transmission, more heat is generated during operation, which causes differences in thermal expansion between the parts of the reducer and the seal, thereby forming gaps on each mating surface. The lubricant fluid becomes thinner due to the increase in temperature, which is likely to cause leakage. . There are four main reasons for this:
First. the combination of materials is unreasonable;
Second.the quality of the meshing friction surface is poor;
Third. the selection of the amount of lubricant added is incorrect;
Fourth. the assembly quality and the use environment are poor.


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