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What are the characteristics of spiral screw lifts? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 10, 2020

Spiral screw lift is a basic lifting component with compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source, convenient installation, no noise, multiple functions, multiple supporting forms, flexible use, high reliability, long life, etc Many advantages.
What are the characteristics of spiral screw lifts? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!
Thrust range: 0.5-30 tons
Stroke can reach 8m, need to consider the stability of the screw and the guide mechanism
30% working time, if the load rate is small, you can appropriately increase the working time
Lifting speed is less than 1500mm / min (23mm / s), in special cases it can reach 46mm / s
Efficiency is less than 33%, with self-locking function, large reduction ratio L1 self-locking
Accurate positioning, the accuracy of the additional backlash device can reach 0.05mm
Synchronization, the same motor can drive multiple screw elevators at the same time, mechanical synchronization
Can be equipped with encoder, limit switch, dust cover, safety nut, reducer, ordinary motor, servo motor, stainless steel, etc.
Simple operation and maintenance, low noise
The square groove housing of the screw screw lifter increases the heat dissipation capacity of the shell and extends the service life of the grease. The choice of nodular cast iron shell material greatly improves the strength and performance of the shell, and is widely used at high or low temperatures. The design of the square tail cover prevents the screw from rotating. Advanced processing equipment and processing and assembly technology are the guarantee of high product quality, strong impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life and small size.


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