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What are the accessories of the reducerc Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 11, 2020

In order to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, we not only need to carry out regular inspections on the machine itself, but also its accessories must do the necessary maintenance operations, because the accessories are an important part of it. The main accessories of the device are as follows:
1. Peephole and peephole cover: Limited by the spacing of the inner wall of the reducer, the size of the peephole is 90mm long and 60mm wide, and the size of the cover plate is 120mm long and 90mm wide. There are 6 M6×16 around the cover plate Full threaded bolt.
2. Ventilator: Install a ventilator on the boss of the peep hole cover to prevent the increase of air pressure in the body due to the body seal, avoiding the leakage of lubricating oil from the gaps and seals, making the seal malfunction.
3. Oil drain hole and oil drain plug: located at the bottom of the oil sump at the bottom of the base, the specification is M20×1.5, which can drain the dirty oil in the oil sump during oil change and clean the oil sump, with the effect of rapid oil drain .
 4. Oil level indicator: It can monitor the oil level in the oil sump at any time to determine whether the gear is in a normal lubrication state.
 5. Locating pin: Generally, a conical pin is used, which is arranged on the joint surface of the connecting flange on both sides of the machine body in an asymmetric arrangement, which can ensure the accuracy of processing and assembly of the bearing seat hole.
 6. Lifting ears and hooks: In order to facilitate assembly and disassembly and transportation, the lifting ears are set on the cover and the lifting hooks are set on the base. The lifting ears are used to open the cover, and the lifting hooks are used to transport the entire reducer.
7. Cover screw: its specification is M10×22, the thread length is 16mm, and there is a 6mm long cylinder at the end.
If you want to play a good effect in the process of using the reducer, its accessories are indispensable, they play an irreplaceable role in the work process, so the inspection and maintenance of its accessories should be done when using the machine daily.



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