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Internal structure of ball screw lift (1) Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 14, 2020

Ball screw lifts work like ordinary trapezoidal screw lifts. They are linear motion machines of the same structure. The working principle of ball screw lifts is to move the screw in a linear motion by rotating the worm or worm, or to fix the screw and the worm. If the nut is turned, the nut will be converted into a linear motion according to the lead of the corresponding screw according to the rotation angle of the screw rod. The passive workpiece can be connected through the nut seat and the nut to achieve the corresponding linear motion.
Ball screw elevators are also gradually being widely used in the industry. Now it is suitable for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance devices. The main components of ball screw elevators are precision ball screw pairs and high-precision worm gear pairs. High, using ball friction to improve the efficiency of the whole machine, only a small drive source can generate a large driving force.


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