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Why the reducer seal leaks Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 04, 2020

When the reducer is in use, if you want to ensure its stable operation, you must have strict requirements on its tightness, otherwise it will cause the equipment to leak during operation, reduce its performance, or damage the equipment in serious cases. Parts, if we want to deal with this kind of problem, we need to understand the reasons for the leakage of the product, then let's understand it next.
1. The frictional vibration generated by the gear meshing of the reducer is one of the important reasons for the leakage of the reducer. During the operation of the gearbox, due to the design, installation, commissioning, and operation of the transmission components, there may be accuracy deviations. And unreasonable stress, especially the friction and vibration caused by the meshing of gears, can easily cause the wear of the bearing position of the gear shaft and the bearing chamber, resulting in the leakage of the dynamic seal and static seal of the gearbox.
2. There is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the gearbox. The temperature of the gearbox rises due to frictional heat and environmental temperature during operation. If there is no vent or clogged vent, the internal pressure gradually increases. The higher the temperature, the pressure difference The larger it is, the lubricating oil will leak from the gap after the temperature rises and becomes thinner.
3. The equipment failed to eliminate internal stress well during the manufacturing process, deformed, and caused gap leakage.
4. The observation hole of the reducer is too thin, the structure is unreasonable, it is easy to deform, and the lubricating oil leaks from the contact gap.
5. Too much oil is added and there is no oil return groove in the box body, which is easy to cause a large amount of lubricating oil to splash and aggregate at the shaft seal and joint surface, resulting in leakage under the action of pressure difference.
6. ​​The quality of the shaft seal is not good enough or the machining accuracy of the shaft journal is not enough, resulting in a poorly matched seal of the shaft seal, resulting in gaps and leakage.
7. Affected by poor lubrication, it leads to increased vibration and leakage points, and at the same time increases the wear between parts, and the temperature rises too fast, which accelerates oil leakage or even oil product scrap.
Through the above introduction, the reason for the seal leakage of the reducer is mainly due to the influence of its gear and lubrication effect. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this aspect when using the product to minimize the phenomenon of seal leakage. If it happens, it will also bring some adverse effects to our environment. This editor suggests that you should pay attention to its sealing and leakage problems during the use of this equipment.


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