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What causes the excessive vibration of the worm gear reducer? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 03, 2020

Worm gear reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses gear speed converter to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the desired number of revolutions and get a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the application range of the reducer is quite wide.
What are the causes of excessive vibration of the worm gear reducer?
1.mechanical imbalance of rotor
The imbalance mentioned here is the imbalance in the state of the rotor at rest and the imbalance in the case of rotation. The rotor deviates from the center of the shaft, and it generates deflection and abnormal vibration under the action of centrifugal force.
2. conveyor imbalance
When the calibration line between the motor and the driver in the worm gear reducer is not good, and it is prone to vibration, it is necessary to adjust this calibration line and reinstall the connection between the driver and the motor to stabilize the rotation of the motor bearing.
3. Loose rotor parts
Some parts of the motor rotor: commutator, magnetic poles, pulleys, etc. These loosening situations will also occur when the reducer is used for a long time. Generally, there will be noises in the rotor. These situations should be handled as soon as possible because of the long time The consequences are getting worse.

4.Big vibration
In some cases, the vibration of the machine base is also affected. The vibration frequency of the machine base can be said to be the speed of the worm gear reducer. There may be problems with the design of the machine base, resulting in an unstable state during operation.
5.Excessive bearing wear
The bearing works for a long time, the bearing gap is too large or the imbalance situation occurs, which causes the bearing friction and heating, and the rotor and the stator friction, which will directly damage the bearing. It is easy to vibrate the sliding bearing, because it has the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the shaft will float, and this can also be related to the bearing weight. If the bearing weight is greater, the wear will be faster.

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