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What are the main parts of the reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 20, 2020

Many times to judge the operation of a device, it mainly depends on the operation speed of the device. For the operation of the device, the speed is one of the reference data. What parts are needed during the use of the reducer?
  1, box body and lid
  The box body and the box cover are the support and containment parts of the transmission parts in the reducer. The structure is complicated. The box body is under pressure and requires good rigidity, vibration damping and sealing. When the box cover and box body are produced in a single piece and small batch, gray cast iron material is used to cast into shape by manual molding method; or carbon structural steel is welded by manual arc welding. In mass production, gray cast iron is used and molded by machine molding.
  2, shafts, gear shafts and gears
Shafts, gear shafts and gears are all important transmission parts in the reducer. The shafts of shafts and gear shafts are combined with short bending and torsion, which requires good comprehensive mechanical properties; gear shafts and gear teeth Part of it is subject to greater contact stress and bending stress, and the hardened gear reducer should have good wear resistance and high strength. When single piece is produced, it is formed by free forging method or tire die forging method of medium carbon steel, or it can be formed by turning of medium carbon steel round steel bar. For mass production, use medium carbon steel die forging method to form.
  3, rolling bearing
  The rolling bearings in the reducer are subject to radial and axial compressive stresses, requiring high strength and wear resistance. Rolling bearings are standard parts. The inner and outer rings are reamed forged with wave bearing steel, the balls are spirally slanted rolled with rolling bearing steel, and the cage is stamped with high-quality carbon structural steel.
  4, bearing end cover
  The bearing end cover mainly prevents the bearing from moving and plays a protective role. For single-piece and small batch production, gray cast iron is used for hand-molded casting, or carbon structural steel round steel is turned. In mass production, gray cast iron machine molding is used for casting.
       5. Bolts and nuts
   Bolts and nuts serve to fix the cover and the box body, and the bolt rod is subjected to longitudinal tensile stress, bending stress and transverse shear stress.
   General reducer, the several parts introduced above are the main parts of the equipment. In terms of deceleration and speed control, these parts are very important. Relatively speaking, they are important parts. Once broken, they must be repaired in time.


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