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Prevent the reducer from scratching Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 28, 2020

We must not only learn to use the reducer but also learn to maintain the equipment. In case of a small scratch on this equipment, it will not only affect the normal control speed of the equipment but also affect the appearance. Although it is said that polishing can be done after scratches, the phenomenon of scratches could have been avoided:
   1. The abnormal sound made by the teeth disappears from time to time, which is caused by tooth pitch error or excessive gap;
  2. The clinking sound and the tooth grinding noise that cause the vibration of the transmission body are caused by too small side clearance, and the sharp edge of the tooth top of the reducer gear is not parallel or deviated from the gear center;
  3. There is a violent sound when the speed is gradually increased, and there is an incorrect knocking sound in the meshing, which is mainly caused by the distortion of the working tooth shape or the partial defect on the tooth working surface;
  4. During gear transmission, there are periodically increased and decreased sounds, which are the result of the eccentric distribution of the gear to the center of rotation;
Of course, to prevent the reducer from scratching, you can also add anti-scratch additives to the lubricating oil, or mix it with high-viscosity lubricating oil, which can increase the viscosity, but remember: the lubricating oil should be inspected after mixing in proportion. It can be used only after the indicators meet the requirements.
   It seems that the maintenance of the reducer is very important. You must be careful during use, pay attention to its use, and check whether the accessories are installed incorrectly. This has a certain effect on preventing scratches.


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