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Model selection skills of reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 25, 2020

There are many types of reducer, and many users do not know which model to choose when purchasing. Now let the reducer manufacturer introduce you to the model selection method of the machine!
1. The output shaft diameter of the reducer cannot be greater than its use shaft diameter.
2. If the torque is calculated, the speed can meet the normal operation, but when the servo is in full output, when there is insufficient phenomenon, we can use the driver on the motor side to limit current control, or to do torque protection on the mechanical shaft. It is necessary.
3. The selection of specifications should meet the conditions of strength, thermal balance, and radial load on the shaft extension.
4. Before selecting a model, it is necessary to accurately understand the design, manufacturing and use characteristics of the machine.
 The correct model of the reducer can work efficiently. In the actual purchase, we can choose the appropriate model according to the above points to make it play its due role.


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