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Installation precautions for ball screw lifts Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 28, 2020

The outstanding advantages of the ball screw elevator are its small size, small mass, compact structure, and easy installation and carrying. It can be used alone or in combination. The power input can be motor or manual input, which increases the breadth of power sources. There are various installation methods, with different structural forms and assembly forms.

Installation precautions of ball screw lift:

Ball screw lift
The ball screw lifter must be cleaned before trial operation. If possible, spray grease on the entire stroke length. Large miniature stainless steel screw lifter. Do not load the lifting system for the first test. Increase the load gradually during the test and check each The temperature rise of the hot spot and gearbox, check the function and the tightness of each limit switch and all connecting bolts. If the elevator is installed in a narrow place, its rotation should be detected, and the system should be driven by hand to complete the stroke. The power should be easy and stable.

The ball screw lift is a high-performance lifting equipment. Low noise, strong stability, high power during operation, with functions such as lifting, lowering, advancing, and overturning. According to certain operating steps, the operator can accurately control the height of the lifting or advancing, and the lifting height of the elevator can be adjusted according to the user. Customized requirements.


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