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How to improve the carrying capacity of the reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 10, 2020

The speed reducer has a strong ability to control the speed, and we should make full use of its advantages in all aspects when using it. Improving its carrying capacity in practical applications can effectively improve its use efficiency. If the bearing capacity is strong, the pressure it can bear is also great. How to improve the carrying capacity?
   1. Increase the contact stress of the gear ring
  The check strength of the reducer is usually to check the transmission contact stress of the sun gear-planetary gear, the bending stress of the sun gear planetary gear, and the transmission contact stress of the planetary gear internal gear. Ring gear contact stress usually fails first, so if you want to increase the load-bearing capacity, you must first ensure the gear ring contact stress.
   2. Gear modification
   Tooth profile trimming, root trimming and tooth end trimming are better ways to improve the transmission performance of heavy-duty gears, because for heavy-duty gears, general tooth end trimming can prevent tooth end overload caused by tooth orientation errors.
   3. Adjustment of displacement coefficient
   The correct selection of the displacement coefficient can increase the load carrying capacity of the gear by 20% to 30%.
  4. Control gear precision and error
   Tooth surface strength is not only related to the gear accuracy grade, but also to the absolute value of the base pitch error. If the base pitch error of the reducer gear is large, the rolling pressure on the gear teeth is also large.
   5. Tooth root strengthening
The bending strength of the gear has a great relationship with the condition of the tooth root surface, especially the carburized and quenched gear has defects such as decarburized layer on the surface of the tooth root. It is difficult to ensure the residual pressure and reduce the bending fatigue strength of the tooth root. Therefore, root strengthening measures are taken. Improve fatigue strength.
   6. Increase the tooth width
  When the outer diameter of the transmission is required to be unchanged, appropriately increasing the gear width of the internal reducer can effectively increase the load carrying capacity of the gear.
   7. Increase the gear module, increase the tooth profile angle
   The outer diameter size remains unchanged, and the load-bearing capacity needs to be increased, which can be met by reasonably increasing the gear module and reducing the number of gear teeth.
  Through the above points, the carrying capacity of the reducer can be effectively improved. Improve efficiency. In fact, we often adjust during the application process. In fact, it has many functions. We also need to pay attention to many things in the process of using.


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