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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 12, 2020

As the reducer is often used in metallurgy, mining, chemical and other fields, affected by its working environment, machinery often has various failures during use. The common failures of the machine and the corresponding solutions are described in detail below.
 The frequent failures during the use of the reducer include wear and oil leakage 2 points:
1. Wear failure:
(1) If the keyway of the shaft hole of the reducer is worn out, the original accuracy of the parts can be restored by electroplating.
(2) If the gear tooth segment of the reducer is damaged, new parts need to be reprocessed.
2. Oil leakage failure:
(1) The internal pressure of the reducer is greater than the outside atmospheric pressure, which is one of the main reasons for oil leakage. We can balance the pressure inside and outside the machine by improving the vent cap and inspection hole cover to prevent oil leakage.
(2) To prevent the excess lubricating oil thrown on the bearing from the gear from accumulating in the shaft seal, the excess lubricating oil needs to flow back to the oil pool in a certain direction.
(3) Improve the shaft seal structure.
(4) New sealing materials are used.
The wear and tear or oil leakage of the reducer will seriously affect its continued use. When it fails, we should stop using it first and determine which part has the fault, so that effective measures can be taken to solve the problem.


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