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Assembly requirements for reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 24, 2020

When the reducer starts to use, it will inevitably go through the assembly step. If it is not repaired after assembly, it basically does not need to be disassembled or assembled again. Because the equipment has many parts, it must be assembled according to the requirements. So what are the assembly requirements for this equipment?
 1. The assembly, partial assembly and final assembly of the reducer must be carried out in the order of assembly process. No process interference can occur. If the gear in the middle of the shaft is not installed, the bearing at the shaft end is now assembled.
 2. Parts that have not been inspected by the Technical Inspection Division, accepted, unprinted, and painted are not allowed to be assembled.
 3. Any mating surfaces should not be modified during assembly as much as possible, except for the repair of parts, like keys and keyways.
4. Try not to use any gasket to seal the mating surface of the cover and base
5. The rolling bearing should be preheated to 80-100℃ in oil before being installed on the shaft, and thermal expansion calculation should be done. The force transmission should be through the inner ring of the rolling bearing, and the unprinted side should be installed against the supporting surface during assembly.
 6. The parts should be cleaned before assembly, and the rolling bearing should be cleaned with gasoline or a good quality washer, and then dried with compressed air after winding.
7. After the reducer is assembled, test the car. The speed of the test run should be close to the rated speed. It is strictly forbidden to add abrasives and impurities to the lubricating oil during the test run, and the tooth surface contact rate should reach the specified level.


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