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Assembly and commissioning of hard toothed surface reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 28, 2019

Hard tooth surface reducer Hard tooth surface reducer mainly includes parallel shaft series and vertical shaft series. Parallel shaft reducer is produced in accordance with national standards (GBl9004-88). The product is optimized and designed and has the international advanced level in the 1980s. It mainly includes four series of ZDY (single stage), ZLY (two stages), ZSY (three stages) and ZFY (four stages). The vertical shaft reducer is produced according to national standards (JB / T9002-1999) and is used for input shafts. The transmission device is arranged perpendicular to the output shaft. The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel after carburizing and quenching, and the hardness of the tooth surface reaches HRC54-62. Small size, light weight, high accuracy, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, smooth transmission and low noise. These characteristics determine the high requirements for the assembly of hard toothed surface gear reducers. The tooth-to-tooth contact must reach more than 90%. If it is not reached, it must be repaired to ensure that the assembly quality meets the standards, that is, low noise and good contact surface. . During the assembly process, some parts often need to be supplemented by drilling, tapping, keying, pins, etc. of the reducer maintenance personnel before assembly. Some parts with low accuracy can be carefully assembled by the reducer maintenance staff to achieve higher assembly accuracy.
So the reducer maintenance personnel play an important role, not only in the maintenance of the machinery after the failure, but also in the assembly and trial operation before use. It also plays an important role. If problems are found, they can be resolved in time. Therefore, the assembly and test run of the hard tooth surface reducer is an important factor affecting the life of the reducer.


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