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Analyze the transmission efficiency of the reducer Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 12, 2020

The speed reducer can reduce the speed. Generally speaking, many equipments have a high speed when they are running. Although a high speed can complete a certain function in a short time, the high speed can also cause many hidden dangers. Therefore, some reduction equipment is needed To control the speed. There will be a certain relationship between its transmission efficiency and its own efficiency. Its transmission efficiency will be introduced in the following introduction:
1. The transmission efficiency of the reducer is actually related to the oil leakage, grease and heat generation of the equipment. Transmission efficiency is also one of the important evaluation indexes of this equipment. To test the transmission efficiency also requires professional equipment, because it is difficult for customers to measure specific data themselves, and the accuracy of the data tested by customers is much worse than that of professional equipment.
2. The heating of the reducer is an intuitive way of comparison. The energy is conserved. The gradual increase in heating means that more power of the motor is used to remove friction, and the output power is naturally less. With less output power, the load capacity is naturally weak, the acceleration is naturally small, and the beat is naturally slow.
Through the introduction, we know that there is a certain relationship between the transmission efficiency of the reducer and its own use efficiency. In the later use, we will also use its transmission efficiency as its important index. In order to improve the efficiency of the entire equipment. Enhance the effect.


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